Can you recognize the redback?

Most of us know an American one-dollar bill when we see one: it’s green, with George Washington on one side and the Great Seal of the United States on the other. But how many people outside China can say that they know what a Chinese currency note looks like? 

The A to Z of the RMB is designed to give you a chance of doing just that. It will also introduce several of the most important things about China’s money as it becomes a more common sight around the world.

Among other things, The A to Z of the RMB covers:
  • Why the RMB is spreading
  • The RMB's potential to become a global currency
  • How it affects trade and investments
  • What the future holds for the RMB
Whether you are already doing business in China or looking to expand there, this guide can give you insight into China's rising currency and how it might affect and benefit the way you do business.

Download The A to Z of the RMB today!

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