What is the role of international trade in America today?

What trade looks like for the United States today is very dynamic in often very surprising ways. National trade expert, Matthew J. Slaughter, of the Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth College, authored a research report to investigate the role of international trade in America.

The report, sponsored by HSBC, combines in-depth analysis and insight, including:
  • The typical U.S. multinational relies on small business suppliers for more than 24% of their total input purchases

  • U.S. exports have more than doubled in the past year

  • Companies that employ 500 workers or fewer accounted for over 97.7% of total US exports in 2012, and this number is steadily rising
To succeed in global supply networks, it is becoming increasingly important that American based international companies import and export.

Download the newest Made for Trade report to investigate ‘How America is Made for Trade’.

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